How can shippers reasonably control the transportation cost in the annual bidding?

Issuing time:2020-11-25 11:57

For the logistics manager of the owner enterprise, the annual bidding project is always troublesome. Where to find a new partner? How to evaluate the service level of new transportation companies? How to reasonably reduce the logistics cost in the new bidding? They are all problems that have to be considered. On the other hand, in the face of new business opportunities, how can transportation companies ensure interests and promote cooperation in bidding and quotation? How to fully demonstrate the service ability? It's also a problem.

Year after year, with these doubts and worries, logistics bidding seems to be going on smoothly. A logistics manager once said, "I don't know for sure whether my freight is too high or too low? What I do know is only the value of my goods. " In order to promote an order, the carriers have to explore the bottom line of shippers frequently. In order to break this information blind area, OTMS launched the freight online bidding system solution. The five step strategy "data analysis visual optimization scheme online bidding real evaluation cost reduction and efficiency promotion" brings a new experience.

Firstf all, OTMS starts from the real operation data of shippers, sorts out the layout of the existing transportation network, the allocation of transport capacity resources, and the freight rate system, finds out the improvement space in the past transportation price system, generates a multi-dimensional "transportation view", and provides a visual global data analysis report.

Secondly, OTMS provides a powerful online bidding system to help shippers set up the actual bidding plan, invite multiple potential carriers to participate in the bidding immediately, set the bidding project time, and let the carrier carry out multiple rounds of quotation, price negotiation and price adjustment to participate in the bidding. The final locked quotation can directly generate effective price file, so as to realize the follow-up operation monitoring, reconciliation and freight settlement Complete closed-loop of the calculation.

-Let the owner bidding more controllable, more traceability

-Flexible selection of invited carriers for bidding

It can meet the requirements of different quotation structures such as different lines, step quotation and extra cost

-Support the export of carrier quotation and batch adjustment of carrier quotation

At the same time, OTMS can help shippers simulate the quotations of different carriers and export the data dashboard of "cost perspective" in the bidding process, which strongly supports the final bidding decision of shippers, and can more conveniently quantify the real cost changes in the operation stage.

OTMS online bidding adopts a unified online quotation format to avoid the mode that the carrier's bidding documents are divided into one group. The standardized quotation mode brings high-efficiency comparison and optimization, and gradually accumulates KPI data to provide competitiveness for high-quality carriers; the real waybill provides specific and calculable logistics cost reference for the carrier's quotation, and lays a solid foundation for win-win cooperation.

After the online bidding is completed, is everything over? This is not the case on the OTMS cloud platform. The completion of bidding marks the real development of transportation business. The system itself has strong transportation collaborative management ability, and it can manage the actual transportation execution in real time and accurately. High quality carriers not only show the price and service level in bidding, but also show their advantages comprehensively and deeply through the accumulation of daily operation performance data. OTMS, a one-stop transportation service capability, will undoubtedly become the preferred partner of enterprise transportation management.

A well-known large-scale company has successfully reduced the logistics cost in 2016 by 6% after effectively optimizing the transportation network configuration by using OTMS. The rapid development of OTMS in the past two years has connected a large number of domestic well-known shippers and accumulated many high-quality transportation companies. Only the enterprises that constantly optimize and challenge can develop in the long-term in this era, continuously upgrade the logistics transportation service, let the participants in the whole logistics chain obtain more and better business opportunities, and jointly promote the healthy development of the logistics industry.

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