Favorable policies stimulate logistics industry to usher in spring

Issuing time:2020-11-25 11:56

Business News stimulated by good news, yesterday's logistics plate collective strength.

Analyst Xun Jian pointed out that the recently issued "eight articles of the people's Republic of China" on the development of the logistics industry will solve the problems related to the long-term development of the industry, such as "different taxes in the same industry" and "double taxation" from the two aspects of tax and tax base. It will bring substantial benefits to the listed companies engaged in warehousing, freight forwarding and loading and unloading operations. It is recommended that China savings Corporation, which has more land resources.

Qian liefei, an analyst, believes that the future can focus on "capacity expansion" logistics companies, including horizontal and vertical two ways. Horizontal expansion is mainly reflected in the release of existing business capacity, including cross industry and cross regional replication business model; vertical expansion is reflected in providing more value-added services, extending service chain, enhancing customer viscosity and improving profitability, and its core competitiveness is reflected in service model reform and innovation.

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