Development trend of logistics machinery and equipment

Issuing time:2020-11-25 11:56

With the expansion of production and logistics scale, as well as the improvement of logistics automation, logistics machinery and equipment are more and more widely used in modern production and logistics, and the role of logistics machinery and equipment is becoming more and more important; and modern production and modern logistics put forward higher requirements for logistics machinery and equipment. With the improvement of modern mechanical equipment design ability and the rapid progress of science and technology, the technology, knowledge and culture of logistics machinery and equipment are increasing rapidly. Logistics machinery and equipment are experiencing a great change. In the new century, the technical performance of logistics machinery and equipment will enter a new stage of development, and logistics machinery and equipment will certainly achieve greater development

Looking at the development status of logistics machinery and equipment, we can see that in order to meet the needs of modern logistics, logistics machinery and equipment have the following development trends:

1. Large scale and high speed

Large scale refers to the increasing capacity, scale and capacity of equipment, while high-speed means that the operation speed, operation speed, identification speed and operation speed of equipment are greatly accelerated. With the rapid development of modern society and economy, the scale of production and logistics is expanding. In order to improve the efficiency and scale efficiency, the demand for large and high-speed logistics machinery is increasing. The lifting capacity, loading capacity, productivity and operation capacity of logistics machinery and equipment are increasing, and the working speed is faster and faster.

2. Practicality and lightness

Logistics machinery and equipment is an important material and technical basis for modern and automated logistics. Logistics machinery and equipment are required to be easy to use, easy to maintain and operate, with excellent durability, fault free and good economy, as well as high safety and reliability. Therefore, we will pay more attention to the development of logistics machinery and equipment with good performance, low cost and high reliability in the future. Some logistics machinery and equipment are used in general occasions, and the work is not heavy. This kind of equipment is large in batch and widely used. Considering the comprehensive benefits, it can reduce the external height, simplify the structure, reduce the cost and reduce the operation cost of the equipment. This kind of light equipment will have a faster development in the future.

3. Specialization and generalization

Logistics is the product of social and economic development, which inevitably presents the characteristics of diversification with the development of social economy. The characteristics of diversification reflect the diversification of the demand for logistics machinery and equipment, so that logistics machinery and equipment have a variety of varieties and constantly update. The systematization and consistency of logistics activities and the rapid and flexible transportation and distribution require some equipment to develop in the direction of specialization, while some equipment are required to develop in the direction of generalization and standardization. The special equipment can meet the special needs with its unique functions, and can play a priority role. Such as railway, ship, container and other special cranes will continue to increase the function, performance and adaptability; container ships, bulk carriers, concrete transport vehicles, tank cars and so on are widely used with low cost. Some of the general equipment can also realize the rapid conversion of logistics operations and greatly improve the efficiency of logistics operations. For example, large container trailers can carry all sizes of containers transported by sea, air and railway, and the general equipment will be further developed in the future.

4. Automation and intelligence

Combining mechanical technology with electronic technology, applying advanced microelectronics technology, power electronic technology, optical cable technology, hydraulic technology and fuzzy control technology to the mechanical drive and control system, and realizing the automation and intelligence of logistics machinery and equipment will be the future development direction. For example, the new generation of electrical control device of large and efficient crane has developed into an all electronic digital control system, which is composed of full digital control drive device, programmable controller, fault diagnosis and data management system, digital operation set detection and other devices. The application of advanced technology makes the crane have higher flexibility, thus improving the level of single machine integrated automation. The operation of transportation equipment relies more on instruments, signals and auxiliary driving system, and the intelligent degree is higher and higher. The development and application of automatic driving system in ocean and air transportation, delivery and pickup trucks in automated warehouse, and intelligent transportation system (ITS) for highway transportation will attract extensive attention from various countries. In addition, with the help of satellite communication technology, the transportation equipment can be tracked and controlled in the whole process, so as to make a rapid response to market changes. At the end of 2000, northwest International Telecom Co., Ltd. established a freight vehicle dispatching management system for FAW storage and transportation company. It combines GPS, GIS, GSM and other technologies to realize the whole process tracking and monitoring of goods. The system can effectively avoid no-load of vehicles, reasonably and effectively arrange the receiving and shipping time, greatly improve the utilization rate of vehicles, save transportation costs, and enable enterprises or cargo owners to understand the whole situation of goods in transportation, and largely meet the needs of customers for vehicle safety services, management scheduling and information services. Since its establishment, the system has worked well and played a good role. It provides a basis for the effective management of logistics and will be widely used in the future.

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