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Aerospace Industry
In the fields of national defense, aerospace and aviation, no mistakes and environmental agility are allowed.
Pharmaceutical industry
Chemical logistics
Retail logistics
However, affected by the seasonal, Omni channel retail network, short product life cycle and the rise of global retail, retail logistics needs to accept huge challenges and complex operations.
At M-reach, we provide a highly monitored logistics solution for any temperature adaptive management of food and beverage transportation in all regions. Based on the global network and storage facilities,
We provide a full range of logistics solutions for all types, nature, scale and demand industries.
Global transportation         Charter flight and next day delivery           Special transportation         
Core parts order execution         Spare parts purchase plan, inventory management, packaging
The medical industry has strict standards and requirements for the activity of traditional Chinese medicine products in the process of transportation and storage. In Huanjie, we provide complete supporting services to meet the demand.
In the face of the growing demand for chemicals in developing countries, Huanjie has the professional qualification to provide safe and reliable logistics transportation scheme. We have the qualification of dangerous goods transportation and storage, and the dangerous goods logistics is operated by a professional team.
Customs clearance agency and consultation          》Collection and distribution of goods           
time          》Packaging and warehousing          》Quality Control          》Special item handling
Construction          Transportation and infrastructure          Medical equipment         
Aluminium and steel           》Paper and fiber
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